Polychloroprene Rubber (Neoprene Rubber)

ASTM Designation: CR

Standard Colour: Black

Description: The first synthetic rubber developed during world war-II. This is famously known as Neoprene rubber, trade name of its developer, Du pont.

Chemical Structure:
polychloroprene neoprene rubber Structure

Standard operating temperature Range: -50 OC to +100 OC

Hardness Range: 40 – 90 Shore A

  • Good physical properties.
  • Good dynamic properties
  • Good weather, ozone, sunlight resistance
  • Good fire extinguishing properties
  • Moderate to fair resistance to petroleum oils, chemicals
  • Poor resistance to certain types of solvents
  • General purpose mouldings, extrusions, seals, gaskets, hoses, profiles, roll, belts, bearings, lining, rubberized fabric, shoe soling etc.
  • Contact Adhesives