Rubber Grommet

When electrical wires/cables pass through holes, they are prone to get damaged by metal sharp edges. Rubber Grommets are those cable protectors, which when applied on wires/cables, not only protect them from cutting but also extend the life of machinery/equipment by sealing the holes, to avoid dirt, dust, foreign materials entry.

Rubber Concept manufactures variety of Rubber Grommets – both open as well as close type. Rubber Concept has developed no of dies to produce variety of Rubber Grommets in wide range of diameter, plate thickness, and hole.

Depending upon the application requirement, Rubber Grommets are produced from variety of Rubbers such as

  • Neoprene Rubber,
  • EPDM rubber,
  • Nitrile Rubber,
  • Natural Rubber,
  • Silicone Rubber,
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer,
  • PVC etc.

Rubber Concept can offer grommet with even client name printed on it.

Rubber Grommet Images
Rubber Grommet
Rubber Grommet

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Materials: (Neoprene) Polychloroprene Rubber , EPDM Rubber , Silicone Rubber , Nitrile Butadiene Rubber , Natural Rubber