Silicone Rubber

ASTM Designation: MQ, PMQ, VMQ, PVMQ,

Standard Colour: Red, White

Description: It is a group of elastomer, having inorganic main chain. Silicones are known as their ability to retain properties at low as well as high temperatures.

Chemical Structure:
silicone rubber material

Standard operating temperature Range: -70 OC to +225 OC

Hardness Range: 20 – 80 Shore A

  • Ability to retain properties at extreme low and high temperatures.
  • Properties vary, based on selection of grades, based on monomer composition
  • Excellent resistance to outside weather, ozone, sunlight
  • Physiological compatibility
  • Radiation resistance
  • Good Electrical resistance property
  • Poor physical properties

  • Applications requiring high temperature resistance and low temperature flexibility
  • Electrical, Electronics industrial components
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical, Surgical, Food grade components
  • Internal body transplant components
  • Aerospace, automotive, textile, industrial components
  • Elastomer caulking in construction industry
  • Soft touch components such as toys, mobile cover, jewellery mould etc.