Styrene Butadiene Rubber

ASTM Designation: SBR

Standard Colour: Black

Description: SBR Rubber is also known as Buna-S, GR-S. It is the general purpose synthetic rubber, mainly used as a replacement of Natural rubber, for many non-critical applications.

Chemical Structure:
styrene butadiene rubber Structure

Standard operating temperature Range: -50 OC to +80 OC

Hardness Range: 40 – 90 Shore A

  • General purpose rubber
  • Good physical properties, when properly compounded.
  • Poor chemical, oil, solvent resistance properties
  • Poor heat resistance
  • Poor weather, ozone, UV resistance

  • General purpose mouldings, extrusions, seals, gaskets, hoses, profiles, roll, belts, bearings, lining, rubberized fabric, shoe soling etc.
  • Few grades can be used for passenger tire treads.