Wool Felt Gasket

Wool felt is the most unique and versatile industrial fabric, known due to its ability to cushion, showing good compressibility and recovery properties under pressure.

Notable properties of wool felt are:

  • Very good resilience
  • Chemical resistance
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Very good thermal and acoustic insulation properties

Due to its outstanding properties, it finds application in filtration, vibration absorption, buffing, thermal and acoustic insulation, and gaskets.

Rubber Concept provides full production capability from prototyping to large production runs of wool felt gaskets. our wool felt gaskets are available in various Densities, Thickness, and Dimensions. We make these gaskets by punching from CNC designed tools to achieve the best accuracy. Apart from Gaskets, we make seals, washers, spacers, noise-reduction lining, dust and oil filters, vibration mounts, insulation, plugs etc. from Wool felt. All our wool felt products are customized to match customer requirement.

Wool Felt Gasket Images
Wool Felt Gasket
Wool Felt Gasket

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